Tamor River Rafting

Tamor River RaftingA magnificent white water trip, one of the best in the world, approximately 130 rapids in 120 km The river flows through a beautiful and unspoiled valley and the trek to the start is one of the most scenic in Nepal. The Tamur and its tributaries drain the snows of Kangchengdzonga, third highest peak in the world. The river is the sixth largest river in Nepal and seems to have a feeling of thrusting power.

Whilst it is possible to fly into Taplejung, we especially recommend the trek, a great way to start your river trip. The trek is not to arduous as it goes along the top of the ridge and then drops down to the river. We should recommend this particularly as an exciting paddle trip for fit and active rafters looking for the second time trip.

River Profile

From: Dobhan Alt. 630 m
To: Chatra Alt. 115 m
Distance: 120 kms
River days: 4-6 days
From Kathmandu: 3-4 days
Difficulty in November: Class 4 (5-)
Average gradient: 0,4 % ( 20 ft a mile )
Est. max. gradient: 1 %
Volume in November: 150 cumecs
Best Season: Oct - Dec and Feb - April

Tamor River with Trekking - 11 days

Day 01: Drive from Kathmandu to Basantapur by bus, overnight camping.
Day 02: Trekking from Basantapur to Tuhurenpari, overnight camping.
Day 03: Trekking from Tuhurenpari to Basantapur, overnight camping.
Day 04: Trekking from Basantapur to Dovan, overnight camping.
Day 05: Rafting from Dovan to Bensi Tar, overnight camping.
Day 06: Rafting from Bensi Tar to Phulbari, overnight camping.
Day 07: Rafting from Phulbari to Esuwa Khola, overnight camping.
Day 08: Rafting from Esuwa Khola to Naya Pul, overnight camping.
Day 09: Rafting from Naya Pul to Simal Chaur, overnight camping.
Day 10: Rafting from Simal Chaur to Triveni, overnight camping.
Day 11: Rafting from Triveni to Chatara, packing and drive back to Kathmandu by bus.