Palpa / Tansen Sightseeing

Palpa / Tansen SightseeingThis hill town lays a little less than 130 kms, as the road wanders, southwest of Pokhara. For nearly 300 years, from the early 16th century, Palpa was the headquarters of the old Sen Kingdom, one of the various territories that now is Nepal. A walled area in the center of town that you enter through a huge door, Mul Dhoka (main gate) is the old palace grounds and the only real evidence of this former kingdom, however. The town lies at 1250 metres and will feel wonderfully cool if you have just left the Terai or come in from India. Just to the north of the town the forested hill of Srinagar provides views of the surrounding valleys and of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges.

Excellent day walks can be made from here; to Ranighat in the north, to Ridi in the west or simply wandering about the homesteads of the Madi valley in the south.

Wander the many trails of Srinagar Hill, passing small Hindu shrines and climb to the summit, the TV antenna at 1659 metres / Walk through Nepal's biggest doorway and enter Durbar Square in the center of town / Buy a meter of "dhaka" cloth which is woven here or buy a "chunni", a lady's scarf, another speciality of the region / In the late afternoon wander down to the Tundikhel (playground), the only level area in town and watch the football, cricket or volleyball games / Get a map of the town from Hotel The White Lake's travel agency / Look at the elaborate wood carvings of the Amar Narayan temple / Wander out to the United Mission hospital (2 kms east of town) and talk to some of Tansen's expatriate community / Take a bus to Palpa Bhairab Temple where, on Tuesdays and Saturdays, many animal sacrifices take place.