Kali Gandaki River Rafting

Kali Gandaki River RaftingThe upper part is a beautiful unspoiled river with good white water, gorges and a feeling of remoteness. The lower part is a big but relatively easy river, with small gorges, jungle and an abundance of wildlife. A combined upper and lower part of the river is a classic, best of its kind.

The Kali Gandaki rises in Mustang. Here it is a flat and braided river, flowing in an arid open valley. At Kalopani (black water) the river drops off the roof of the world and cuts one of the deepest gorges in the world between Dhaulagiri, height 8,167 m and Annapurna, height 8,091 m.

The Kali Gandaki is named after the goddess Kali and is considered a particularly holy river. It is also a gold bearing river, and we met several small groups who were sluicing and panning the gravel's of the river bed for minuscule amounts of metal.

Profile Upper Part           

From: Modi Khola (Alt. 690 m)
To: Ramdi (Alt. 370 m)
Distance: 92 kms      
River days: 3-5 days      
From Pokhara: 1 day      
Difficulty in November: Class 4- (4)      
Average gradient: 0.35 % (18ft a mile)     
Est. max. gradient: 0.8 %      
Volume in November: 117 cumecs      
Best season: Oct - Dec and Mar - Apr    

Profile Lower Part

From: Ramdi (Alt. 370 m)
To: Narayanghat (Alt. 170 m)
Distance: 128 kms      
River days: 3-4 days      
From Pokhara: 4 hours      
Difficulty in November: Class 2 (3)      
Average gradient: 0.15 % (7 ft a mile)      
Est. Max. gradient: 0.25 %      
Volume in November: 250 cumecs      
Best season: Oct to Decand Feb to Apr     

Kali Gandaki River (Upper)

Day 01 : Drive to Nayapool, about 250 kms to the West. Rafting from Nayapool to Devisthan. Overnight camping at Devisthan.
Day 02 : Rafting from Devisthan to Purtighat.
Day 03 : Rafting from Purtighat to Rudrabeni.
Day 04 : Rafting from Rubrabei to Ranighat.
Day 05 : Rafting to Ramdighat and drive back to Kathmandu.

Kali Gandaki River (Lower)

Day 01 : Drive to Ramdighat and overnight at the riverside.
Day 02 : Raft from Belghri to Malunga village.
Day 03 : Raft from Malunga village to Batulitar.
Day 04 : Raft from Batulitar to Below Khalte
Day 05 : Raft from Khalte to Narayanghat, and drive