Gorkha Sightseeing

Gorkha SightseeingA small, neat and historic village that lies on a shelf below a steep hill, about midway between Kathmandu and Pokhara, it is the ancestral home of the Nepalese royal family and people today come to see the main palace buildings on the hill top and sacrifice an animal at the nearby temple. Along the hill ridges and down into the valleys are several trails and villages that make for interesting day (or longer) walks. Note : Many areas around Gorkha are strongholds of the Maoist insurgents. Small army camps are dotted about the villages. A 7.30 p.m. curfew is being enforced.

Visit the Tallo Durbar (lower palace) and then climb up the stairway to Gorkha Durbar (main palace) at 1420 metres / Then walk east to the microwave tower at 1530 metres / Sit in one of the small restaurants eating "singaras" (samosas) and listen to a "gaine" (a member of the caste of musicians) / Wander down to the Tribhuvan University campus of Education and talk about politics and life to the students / Buy some jewellery from one of the many gold shops in the village centre / Exit the village at its eastern end and walk through a succession of small villages and their friendly inhabitants.