Dhulikhel Sightseeing

Dhulikhel SightseeingA fascinating old Newar town at the foot of a nearby hill, some 32 kms east of Kathmandu. Many of the houses in the old part of the town suffered serious damage in an earthquake in 1934. For the most part they haven't been repaired and they're still lived in as damaged. Dhulikhel is rightly famous as a mountain viewpoint and for excellent day walks. At 1450 metres above sea level, it is a little cooler than Kathmandu but not as cold as Nagarkot. The Narayan and Harisiddhi temples in the old part of town are both beautifully adorned with intricate wood carvings. Because the tracks linking Dhulikhel with other towns are not paved but still well defined, this town would be an excellent place to spend a few days mountain cycling.

Discover Newar architecture / Wander the local temples / Buy a painting at the art gallery / Walk to the Kali shrine to see the mountain views at sunrise or sunset / Make a circular day walk to Namobuddha and back / Walk to Nagarkot and back in one full day (if you're fit) / Wander around the Kathmandu University Campus / Pay R10 to enter the recreation ground and wander the tracks and enjoy a picnic.