Bheri River Rafting

Bheri River RaftingA remote and easy river, blue water, white beaches and fine campsites.

This must be one over your premier rafting trips in Nepal. Is has some of the best fishing in Nepal, together with beautiful and diverse scenery, lots of wildlife and unspoiled villages. Two large tributaries, the Thuli (large) and the Sani (small) join at Ramnagat to form the main Bheri river.

River Profile

From: Ramnaghat (Alt. 770 m)
To: Chisapani (Alt. 195 m)
Distance: 200 kms      
River Days: 6-10 days      
From Kathmandu: 2 days      
Difficulty in November: Class 2 (3+)      
Average gradient: 0.3 % (15 ft a mile)      
Est. max. gradient: 0.5 %      
Volume in November: 170 cumecs      
Best season: Oct to Dec and Feb to March     

6 day Bheri River Rafting

Day 01 : Drive from Kathmandu to Samjhighat.
Day 02 : Arrival at Samjhighat Camp and overnight.
Day 03 : Raft from Samjhighat to Rani Ghat and camp at the beach.
Day 04 : Raft from Rani Ghat to Jamu and camp at the beach.
Day 05 : Raft from Jamu to Chisapani and drive back to Kathmandu by night bus.
Day 06 : Arrival at Kathmandu.